MAMAChrisWebPhoto 200X288Thank you for visiting the website of Imhotep Institute Charter High School.  I hope you are learning more about our unique community.  Imhotep Institute is an African centered, community based public school that is science, math and technology focused.  Our mission is to provide a program for urban learners that have high expectations and centers learning around the needs of the students.  Imhotep Institute uses a standard driven constructivist approach to teaching and learning.  Our vision is to groom the graduates of Imhotep Institute to be successful, life long learners and valuable members of the world community.   


Students must always remember: 

• Have faith. You maintain faith in yourself, your family, and your community.

• Determine who you are. Define yourself and the direction that you wish your life to take.

• Maintain a clear and positive purpose in all that you do.

• Give into and celebrate the creative spirit within.

• Take responsibility for yourself, your brothers and your sisters. 

• Work together to maintain your home, school and community. 

Each of our students shine and that is why the Imhotep Family continues to shine. 


Best wishes,

Mama Christine Wiggins

Founder &CEO Imhotep Institute Charter High School